Fisheries and maritime policy

In recent years Cogea has extended its scope of action to the fisheries and maritime policy area, mainly through the provision of support services and studies to the European Commission - DG MARE.

In the area of fisheries, Cogea has undertaken analyses and studies on the operation of the entire chain in this sector within the European Union. This experience led to the design and implementation of EUMOFA, the first Observatory for the fishery and aquaculture products market covering the entire EU territory.

In the sphere of maritime policy, Cogea has promoted the establishment of EUNETMAR, a network of enterprises and organisations from several EU countries, of which it is the lead partner. EUNETMAR has been awarded a framework contract with the European Commission to support the implementation of the EU's integrated maritime policy.

Within this framework, Cogea has focused particularly on the quantitative measurement of so-called Blue Growth potential of Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea states, and has helped to draw up and improve macro-regional strategies in the Adriatic-Ionian and Baltic regions and the potential for maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Finally, Cogea  is at the head of a consortium of enterprises tasked with implementing the EMODnet Human Activities portal. EMODnet is the European marine observation and data network. Cogea's contribution to the network is that of setting up a portal that, through an interactive map, makes it possible for users to view and download harmonised geographic data providing information on 14 sea-related human activities.