Project design & Brokerage

Cogea Ltd covers the following fields of activity, offering a variety of services dedicated to the development and international trade of agricultural commodities, amongst which:

  • Commercial agents for international trade contracting, originating food commodites throughout the world and supplying the consumer markets of the raw material needed
  • Project and Business design for agricultural commodities, their storage, process and shipping, together with full process design and project development.
  • Commercial and contractual agents for the italian domestic market of agricultural products.
  • Consultants for the legal and arbitration framework of international and national contracts for food commodities,
  • Agents for freight chartering and logistical support for import and export needs
  • Procurement agents under contract for the cultivation of special varieties of commodities.


Cogea Ltd activities are fully supported by first class professionals with over 30 years of experience in each field, together with the support of our main office in Rome and a network of partnership around the world.