Technical assistance

Cogea has been engaged in assisting public agencies with the implementation and governance of Community Programmes since 1981.

Over the years Cogea has gradually structured its activities into three macro-areas:

  • Assistance with the start-up, implementation and governance of Community Programmes, dealing with technical, economic, financial and regulatory aspects, in light of needs identified at a local and sectoral level.
  • Assistance with the implementation of European directives, offering support, training and information to PA structures (central and regional) involved in the planning and rollout of Action Programmes.
  • Assistance with development and cooperation policies through analyses and support for macro-regional strategies (Blue Growth).
  • A "consulting centre" through which Cogea works with its clients on aspects ranging from advice on strategic solutions to the organisational analysis of structures and procedures and management control activities.

Cogea has been engaged in Mainstreaming since 2004, starting from an experience undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Employment and Social Policies, for the EQUAL initiative.